Thursday, November 29, 2007


Does anyone know some code (either XML or ActionScript) that will size pictures as you load them into a container? I'm just wondering if there's an easier way to do this than going into Photoshop and sizing 'em and stuff. We're doing a wedding site for one of our co-workers and we're trying to figure out the fastest, most efficient way to build a gallery.

Thx team :)


nate said...

You can change the height and width of an image you load in to flash by changing the properties of the movieclip that it got loaded into. It will make your image look all mucked up though. You can always make a droplet in photoshop to make the resizing quick and easy.

Dave Smellie said...

If you have ImageMagick or NetPBM installed on the server you can set up a PHP script that will size them on the fly for you and save them on the server. It's not exactly easy to set up, but it's easy to use once you do it.

Nate's suggestion of a PS Droplet is the quickest one-time solution. That's what I would do. I

f you decide to change the height and width of the movieclip in Flash, you might want to look into the Bitmap Class to smooth the images...(your file sizes will still be as large as the original image though, so keep that in mind).