Tuesday, November 13, 2007

freelance opportunity

Hey guys, I have gotten way busy all of the sudden, and can't keep up with my freelance work. Im in the process of making 25-45 second flash slideshows, and could use a hand. Overall they are pretty lo-fi, just basic tweens, fades, etc.

Pay is 80 bucks per video, so if youre fast, you can make good money. Most of them take me 3-4 hours, most of which consists of me trying to figure out stupid stuff that i cant remember. If you're faster than me, which you probably are, you can make pretty good money off them. The concepts and copy are already written, and you get paid back for any stock photos that you might need (i just use istockphoto). They must be done in AS2, and you can't use fuse/zigo, because i have to bring them back into flash 8 and export them as quicktime. I'm pretty sure you can use tween class though.

Let me know if there are any takers, the deadline on these is the next couple weeks, but i can submit them one at a time.

cam carter- 435-770-5483

PS- Kristina and I just found out we're having twins!

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nate said...

Wow twins! Congrats man! That's wild!!! I can help ya out with some of those flash videos. Let me know.