Thursday, November 29, 2007

Krumpers Wanted

FYI, Spencer and I have decided to start a Krumping Troupe. For those that aren't in-the-know, wiki that shiz and get your Krump on. Tryouts to be announced.


nate said...

I just checked out this so called "Krumping" on good 'ol you tube. I'm not sure I'm willing to make myself look that ridiculous. Plus, I might dislocate a shoulder flailing my arms that much. I'll be happy to watch, though.

spencer said...

nate don't be scared It's not like any one will recognize you, besides all the cool kids are doing it.

MattE said...

I checked out YouTube as well. And I too am terrified of dislocating something. Like me social status or my self image. But I'm with Nate. . . I'll watch. You guys should make a vid and post it on YouTube.