Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ha Ha

Well, y'all know how good I was (cough) at web stuff in school. I've been doin' tons at my new job, so it's been good to wet my palette (or something like that). We've posted the sites on the back-end of our site, so you should check 'em out.

We should have UFO's site up by tmw (cross your's been a nightmare of a project), so I'll send the link when that's done.

Glad to hear everyone's so successful right now.
Anyone up for a group dinner over Christmas?


cam-ron said...

it's a small world... I actually do some of those quicktime/flash videos for Ignite Marketing, haha.

nate said...

yes, lets do a dinner. mmmmm

Dave Smellie said...

looking great Kara!