Monday, November 19, 2007

Layne is in the house

Greetings all. Layne here. I'm a fellow USU-educated designer. I went to Switzerland with Nate and Spence and took a class or two from the illustrious Mr. Smellie. I hope I'm not too late to the party, but I wanted to pop in and hollar at the peeps. I know that being a print-guy alienates me a bit, as most of you seem to be more interactive-types. But, I'm hoping we can learn to get our blog-on in harmony.

Anyway, back to what prompted this post. I know of an opening in Logan for a designer. It's for packaging, pop, some front-end web support, print ads and photography (nothing too elaborate, mostly product photos). Due to the lack of designers in the valley, it pays well also. Either leave a comment, or email me: layne.turner {at} with any leads. Thanks.

p.s. Is it just me or is there a major designer shortage around here? Is it that way in Salt Lake too?


nate said...

Layne! Good to see ya man!

cam-ron said...

hey, I know you! do you remember me from a couple brief moments at Paradaym/Evidence Media?

-Cam Carter

Layne T said...

Yeah, I do remember that. I thought the Cam on this blog might've been you, but I know there are a couple Cams out there, so I just wasn't sure. Chalk up another acquaintance... It's getting homier by the minute.

spencer said...

layne my wife is going to be looking for somthing quick she is graduated in like 1 or two weeks. O' is the job open?