Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fresh Faced Intern

So apparently someone switched the plaque on my office door from "web/graphic designer" to "fresh faced intern". I guess it was like this for a month or so and I didn't even notice. Maybe that's why our clients think I'm 18, haha.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Creative Opening in Logan

Sorry, not to compete with Matt's post, but we are also hiring here at LetterPress. I'm moving down to SLC next week and they want to hire a new Art Director or designer to take my spot. My time at LetterPress was priceless. I learned a lot. The position would need a well rounded designer who can illustrate and animate well in flash. You don't need to be a "Super Actionscripter", they have programmers here to do the real wacky stuff. The position would also require some print work. The Art Director title would look awesome on your resume. Good salary and benefits. You'd be working with and overseeing a team of other developers/creatives and working shoulder to shoulder with the talented Ryan Schmidt.

If interested contact LetterPress, or send me an e-mail.
A better LP website should be online soon, ignore its current "look"

email me

I need a designer!!!

Hey kids, just thought I would let everyone know that I am looking to hire a designer here in Logan. Job responsibilities include web, print, packaging, identity and photography needs. If anyone is interested or knows someone that is looking in Logan, please let me know. I really need someone that is efficient in CS3. It is a fantastic place to work, tons of great benefits, very competitive wages, and wonderful people to work with. Contact Matt for more info:

The BBQ sounds fun but I will be out of town. . . Sorry.

Friday, May 16, 2008

action sports jobs

If anyone is looking for a job in the "action sports" industry, I stumbled across this site. I know that there are a couple jobs available at Skullcandy for a sr. designer and a web designer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Memorial Day BBQ

So it sounds like a few of us want to get together over Memorial Day. I guess we should make a plan, ie figuring out who's house, time, place, etc. If anyone wants to volunteer their house it would be great. I'm volunteering my house, but it is pretty small and I don't have a grill. I'm at 118th south and way out west, so if anyone lives more downtown or closer to i-15 it might be more convenient for the majority. Anyways, post up if you're interested.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

new job

Hey y'all

So my hubby and I moved in w/his parents (west jordan) til we can make sense of our lives. It's nice cuz it's right inbtwn both our jobs.

I'm working at Jandaco as a hybrid designer/programmer. I'm slowly getting used to the company culture; every company's different which is good, but always a challenge for the new guy. It's weird to be commuting, but luckily it's only 1/2 to A.F. from here.

If anyone's still up for that summer BBQ Matt E. kept talking about doing, let me know and I'll try and get something together.

And if anyone's lookin' for a job in the Layton area, I could totally hook 'em up w/one.