Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fresh Faced Intern

So apparently someone switched the plaque on my office door from "web/graphic designer" to "fresh faced intern". I guess it was like this for a month or so and I didn't even notice. Maybe that's why our clients think I'm 18, haha.


karaWatkins said...

Well, at least they used a good typeface!

Where do you work again? How are the twins and Kristina? I should come see you guys since we're so close now.

Hope you had a good holiday!


cam-ron said...

I'm at DesignStream,

As of Friday the twins are home and I haven't been sleeping. Maybe you guys could come over for dinner or something like that. We're just off of Bangerter and 114th.

MattE said...

Aahhhhhhh. . . I love Century Gothic. So nice and crisp and clean.