Monday, March 3, 2008

Battle of the Bands

Hey y'all

This week--March 6-- CD demos are due to KSM Guitars here in Logan for the Battle of the Bands, which will be held March 28 at the Logan Fairgrounds. The winner will open for Eve6 at their concert at USU on April 9th.

For more information, contact KSM at 435.753.6813 or

btw: this is to help raise awareness for CAPSA.


PS--sweet poster, eh? never thought i'd be able to do "grunge"


cam-ron said...

pretty trashin' Kara!

B & J said...

Love it ! - Good Work! - I love the mix of colors and textures! - Are you working with CAPSA? - I've done some volunteer work at the Child Crisis Center - they have a great program!

MattE said...

Nice work Kara. Did you create the vectors? If so. . .that's awesome, if not. . . that's still awesome, where did you find them?

karaWatkins said...

i'm letting out my secret, but we get some of our vectors from Shutterstock...which totally rocks since we're too wicked busy to do our own stuff, grunge anyway.