Thursday, March 20, 2008

in over my head

I'm collaborating with an ad agency to put some streaming videos on the homepage of (peterson homes)
I'm pretty confused on how the whole CGI/PHP script deally-o works, so any help would be awesome. Here's what I need...

1. a flash file/script that will detect the bandwidth of the user, and if the bandwidth is too low, it will skip them to another page.
I hear that you just need to detect for a couple seconds using getBytesLoaded, and if it's too low then you use a getUrl to jump them to the other page? Anyone have the code on hand for something like this?

2. I don't really know how to set up the scripts for a form, but I need to be able to gather Name, phone # and email. If you have any tips on how to set up the scripts/server, it would be AWESOME!



karaWatkins said...

I'm not much into that PHP/server-side code either. I know our programmer does tons of that stuff.

As for the bandwidth, check out Flash Den ( I think the URL is You can buy flash files for next to nothin'.You should pry be able to find something on there.

Hopefully Nate sees this post. I'm sure he'd be able to help you out.

Good luck!

Btw--are you a dad yet?

nate said...

Yeah I don't know about the bandwidth thing. But as for the form goes, I'm assuming you need a flash form? I've build a few of those. I packaged up one of em and posted it for ya. You can download it HERE.
E-mail me with questions. Oh, in order for this form to work, you need to have PHP 4.4 on your server. For some reason it doesn't work with 5.2. Hope this helps!

cam-ron said...

Thanks a ton guys. After playing around for a few hours, I got a php form working, but I'll probably end up using the flash one. I'll check into the bandwidth deal.

No, I'm not a dad yet, still a month or 2 to go.

Also, Kara, do you know a lady from Morgan named Roma Myers? She is our receptionist, and she says she knows you.