Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dude, this blog is going stale. My post probably won't jump start it, but it's a post nonetheless.

I received an email the other day from an old coworker. Here's part of it: "I am creating a small graphic/web design and industrial design consulting company to ultimately help service a couple of projects I am working on plus take on additional projects. Let me know if you have any good freelance contacts."
As I've previously said, Layne's Freelance Shack has closed its doors temporarily until I can get a normal work week, so I'm of no use to him. But I'm passing this along to you guys because I love you all so much. Except for Nate dog (it's a long story, but sharing a bed in Switzerland with him and his meat-hooks was a trial of epic proportions).

The contact email for this is jstew48 {at} gmail {dot} com.



cam-ron said...

Layne, thanks for keeping the blog alive! Where is your friend located? My unemployed dad is an industrial designer, so if your friend needs help, he might be able to step in.

Layne T said...

His name is Jake and he's based out of Logan, although it sounds like he's willing to work with people who are semi-local (he was willing to work with me, and I'm 2.5 hours away). Tell your dad to send an email his way, I told Jake I'd be posting some stuff so he's expecting some emails.

nate said...

Those nights in the same bed with you were definitely unforgettable...but not in a good kind of way... haha

sorry about the snoring :(

cam-ron said...

I talked to my dad, and he says he's too old school to design anymore, haha. He's been doing more management for the past 10 years, as opposed to actually designing, much less with a computer.