Sunday, February 3, 2008

Burton Design Competition

The other night I participated in a design comp put on by Burton and HP. We were required to design a snowboard on the spot in like 4 hours. None other than Shaun White was there to judge the designs, so, lucky me got to meet him. I didn't win the competition but hey, who cares, I got to meet a gold medalist.

Shaun and I (I'm not grabbing his butt I swear)

my board


Layne T said...

Good job on the board dude... and congrats on getting a piece of the flying tomato's ass.

B & J said...

Nate - your board Rocks! - Good Job! - You didn't win?

cam-ron said...

dang man, pretty snazz, especially for 4 hours. I have a whole stash of snowboard designs sitting around, cause Voile chickened out on their re-design, choosing to recycle last year's graphic, haha.