Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hey guys, it's been really great to see what everyone is up to these days. I usually check the blog, but this will be my first post. There really is some awesome things happening to you guys, and it's exciting to hear about. I'm especially jealous of those that have moved to cool places and are kicking it there. Someday I'll go somewhere cool too.
I'm living in Salt Lake (West Jordan to be exact), and I work downtown at YESCO (Young Electric Sign Co). I design signs! All over the country. Most of them are pretty boring, but I'm starting to get some funner sign projects lately. It's a pretty cool job, but I never would have thought I'd be designing signs if you had asked me a year ago. I do miss print work, and I'd like to get back into more of that somehow at some point.
Keep in touch- I love to hear about cool stuff going on around the valley!


nate said...

Hey Jessica, welcome to the blog. Let's see some of them signs!

cam-ron said...

Good to hear from you. I actually have an acquaintance (Brent Brown) who worked at Yesco for a long time. I think he retired, but they treated him pretty well, cause he's definitely not hurting for cash.

I'm out in South Jordan, so let me know if there's anything going on out that direction.