Saturday, April 12, 2008

Double Trouble

Hey everyone, I know this doesn't have to do with design, but Kristina and I had our twins last night. They came about 1 month premature, but they are doing well and are totally healthy. Here's a photo of each. The boy (still unnamed) is the one with the beanie, and the girl (stella) is the one with the breathing tube.


spencer said...

well congrats your a daddy now you can prove to all your clients that your not a little boy. Just whip out a picture of the twins... ha ha ha

nate said...

Cool man! Congratulations!!!

B & J said...

How exciting to have one of each! - You are going to be a great Dad, - HUGE CONGRATs

karaWatkins said...


I'm so excited for you and Kristina. I'm glad the babies are doin' well. I love the name Stella, pry cuz it reminds me of the handsome, young Marlon Brando.

Let me know if you need anything