Thursday, October 11, 2007

How much can you blog?

What's up class of 2007...ish.

This blog is for all the design students who just graduated from USU (or is graduating soon, or graduated a long time ago, or will graduate in a long time)... pretty much if you want to contribute or know somebody who wants to contribute, e-mail me ( or spence ( and we'll send ya the invite.

We made this blog because we wanted to be cool like the people who made this blog. Hey it was a good idea so we stole it (isn't that what we do as graphic designers?) So let's hear what everyone is up to these days. Feel free to post work that you are proud of. Go ahead and post comical stuff that you find on "you tube" or anywhere else while you're surfing the world wide web (while you should be working). Oh, and don't forget to brag a lot too.

Well, I really hope we get a lot of people to contribute to this. It will be great to see how everyone is doing.

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