Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey y'all

So, I was just a-wonderin' how everyone was doin' and thought I'd give a little update on my life. Trev and I are still livin' it up in Logan; Trev graduates in May and I'm workin' at a sweet studio called Advent Creative, 4 blocks away from our apt. It's awesome learnin' more and more each day and trying to figure out AS 3 w/my co-workers. But the big announcement...WE'RE EXPECTING!!!!....j/k, and that won't happen for a while.

Speakin' of babies, does anyone know where the pics of Dave's baby is?

Hope all's well w/everyone, and just for the record, I'd pry sell my soul w/Cam to work at Alphabet Arm Design too :)

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