Thursday, June 19, 2008

April Fools

Alright Cam, so somebody changed out you plaque and you didn't notice huh. I just noticed my diploma on the wall while I was doing some interviewing. They did this as an April Fool's joke, that's right. . . I didn't notice it for over 2 months. I hate it when I'm fooled by the same devices that I command on a daily basis. It's like some kind of mutiny. AAAAARRRG!!!

You may have to click on the image to see the larger version in order to read what my new degree is actually pertaining to. I'm not even comfortable being naked in the shower.

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cam-ron said...

Nice Man! Ever since my plaque got changed there has been a rash of copycats, such as photos of Richard Simmons, Jabba the Hut, and the bitter beer face guy turning up in our office.