Thursday, January 10, 2008

A good rant

Every so often I feel the desire to rant... I hate to be a whiner, but lately I've been running into the problem that after communicating via phone or email, clients are sometimes surprised to see that I look so young, and sometimes I feel that I don't get the proper respect or am not taken seriously because people think I'm a high school student. It seems a bit harder to build trust or command a high price for my designs. Do any of you folks seem to have this problem? Let me know what you think. Maybe I should grow out a huge beard, haha.


MattE said...

I don't know if my opinion counts, but here you go: Your a great designer Cam. You were always consistently bringing the best stuff to class. Not just in concept, but in quality, inginuity and perfectionism as well. If there is one thing that I thought you may have lacked in school it was confidence. Perhaps some of your clients are seeing it, and feeding off of it. Bottom line: you are a good designer. And you can back it up with proven design principles, not just your opinion of what looks cool. I'd say, don't be afraid to stand up to a client that challenges a good design. Explain it through to them and they will respect you for it.

cam-ron said...

Thanks Matt, props on the new job too!

Dave Smellie said...

Do I have that problem? hahahaha.I have that problem everyday.

Don't let it get to you though. Nobody wants to be old. Besides it's way easier to dress up and act old than it is to be young.

I usually keep a shirt, tie, and sweater in my office just in case I need to act like an old timer all of a sudden. ;-) And when in doubt, tuck your shirt in. Nobody does that anymore. It'll add at least 5 years to your age.