Friday, December 7, 2007

Freelance Opportunity

If anyone out there wants a quick & painless freelance job, let me know. It needs to be done within the next couple of weeks. Here's the deal: A wall tent manufacturer needs someone to design some labels to go on some tent packaging. Sounds like it'd pretty much require designing a template, then plugging copy and photos from there for the different models. I'd basically just introduce you and you could negotiate payment and file handling from there. First one to email me gets it (layne.turner {at]

Also, just to keep any of those who care informed, I'm moving tomorrow to Idaho Falls, aka God's Country. Logan has treated me well, but it's time to move on. I've gotten some good job experience and met some cool people, like yourselves. If you're ever on your way thru the I.F. there's a couch and some hot pockets with your name on 'em. Enjoi.

1 comment:

nate said...

Idaho Falls huh? Did you get a job up there? Good luck with everything. If I ever find myself up there, I will take you up on that hot pocket offer.